This donut artwork undertaking for children turned into one of our favourite projects from the Art with Edie classes we did in 2020 (you may view them all on IG TV here). It’s clean, colourful, and three-D! Here’s the way to make it…

We love doing artwork initiatives round right here. It’s a awesome manner to preserve youngsters busy while additionally that specialize in creativity, creativeness, and critical motor competencies. A few of our favorites:

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What’s almost as accurate as eating a donut? Making one precisely the manner you want. Here’s what you need to make those three-D art projects.


Paper plate or paper bowl ( per child)
Paint and paint brush
Glitter, sequins, and other decor pieces if preferred for ‘sprinkles’
Cut the circle out of the center of your plate or bowl. Start with a hole, and then cut round it.
Decide what sort of donut you’ll make. For chocolate, start via portray everything brown.
*hint: to make brown paint mix all three primary colors: blue, purple, and yellow


For glazed and frosted, you can go away the plate or bowl white (or paint it a mild tan brown) after which upload frosting of your preference (we select purple).

*trace: upload white or black to make brown paint lighter or darker

Tip: Let the kids try to blend their very own paint with a few steerage and pointers from you! Experimenting is part of the method.


Decorate along with your preferred ‘sprinkles’ the use of glitter, sequins, pom poms and greater paint! Get creative with what resources you have round.

Tip: Try to add decoration on at the same time as the paint remains moist so you don’t need additional glue


After you paint one side, paint the returned, beautify, and permit dry.

Tip: If you don’t have sequins or other decor portions, use a hollow puncher with coloured paper to make sprinkles like we did here.


Staple the aspect after drying to make your three-D donut come to stay!

How might you beautify your paper painted donut!? Would love to pay attention your super ideas!